Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wildlife Photographer of the year winners!

The Wildlife Photographer of the year is now officially open. The winning images, just like the sneak peak images that were previously released, are pretty stunning (although I am not much of a fan of the overall winner).

Troublemaker. Winner of Animal Portraits, by Stefano Unterthiner.

The show. Winner of 15-17 category, by Catriona Parfitt.

Window on the ice melt. Runner up in the One Earth Award, by Ira Meyer.

Cypress Swamp. Winner of In praise of plants, by Cece Fabbro.

Polar Sunrise. Winner of Creative visions of Nature, by Miguel Lasa .

Shark nursery. Runner up in animals in their environments, by Brian Skerry.

I'll resist posting all the photos, but if you're in London, definitely go check out the exhibit (but try and do it on a weekday unless you like crowds). Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the collection to start touring or you'll have to check it out online.


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